When Launching vScription Controller, App Seems To Hang and Won't Respond

When Launching vScription Controller, App Seems To Hang and Won't Respond

This has been fixed in Version 1.9 of the Controller which is available on the Download Page

This was identified in vScription Controller version 1.8. Although the App seems unresponsive, it will still connect to the transcribe page and you can use the foot control but you have to end task to close it.
The issue was found to occur if you launch the vScription Controller application with your foot control connected. If you remove your foot control and reconnect, the app will become responsive. You can also just launch the app then connect your foot control as a temporary workaround.
This will be fixed in the vScription Controller release 1.83 and will be updated on the server so make sure you are using the latest version of the Controller.
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