vScription Transcribe Update 2021.2 - March 2021

vScription Transcribe Update 2021.2 - March 2021

vScription Transcribe Update 2021.2 Update Notes

This update is a major platform update which adds new features and improves workflow in existing areas. Here is a list of the updates:

New Features:

Speech To Text feature for meetings including Zoom and Teams meetings

You can now upload meeting audio from such conferencing tools such as Zoom and MS Teams and the audio will automatically get converted to text. After upload, the text is available for review within a few minutes after upload.
The Transcribe page syncs the converted text to the audio so you can follow along for easier reviewing and editing. There is also a new search function allowing you to search for text within the document and it automatically moves the audio to the location. This is helpful when you need to cherry pick information from a meeting.

New Navigation Bar

There a new navigation bar on the left side of the page allowing you to easily navigate anywhere. The navigation bar automatically collapses and you can also keep the navigation bar open by pinning it.

New Help Widget

We have added a new help widget allowing you to view documentation and submit service tickets directly from the page. We are in the process of moving the content over and will be complete by the end of March 2021.

New Mail Sender 

The backend mail sender has been updated to allow for better mail delivery and to minimize the chance of any system notification emails going to spam

Updates and Changes:

Updated Job Uploader:

The job uploader page has been updated. You can now drag and drop files for upload and general styling updates

New Sign Up Page

The new user sign up page has been updated

Branding Update

We've decided to remove the Pro from the name. The service is now known as vScription Transcribe

Updated Invitation Process

Previously you could only invite existing typists to work on your organization but now you can invite users to be an organization admin or typist and if they don't yet have an account, they can create their account through the link in the invitation email.

Other Updates and Changes:

  1. Overall styling improvements
  2. Updated first time page tutorials
  3. Replaced Accounts references to Organizations
  4. New user and organization settings page
  5. Transcribe Page styling and layout update
  6. Controller application Windows packaging update
  7. Email template updates
  8. Remove old landing page
  9. FIX: Using ' in the typist notes field prevented document from saving
  10. Updated Privacy Policy Page
  11. General code improvement

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