vScription Controller Installation Troubleshooting - USB Foot Control Support

vScription Controller Installation Troubleshooting - USB Foot Control Support

We occasionally run into issues reported from users when trying to install the vScription Controller on Windows so here are some quick tips that should help you through;

Issues Downloading Controller:

There are a few things that can cause this but one of the most common ones we see is that the browser blocks the download. This happens most in Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Here's how to work around this;

Note: The vScription Controller for Windows has been digitally signed by us and you can confirm the signature.

Microsoft Edge:
Microsoft Edge will download the while file then tells you the file could hurt your device. You can override this by clicking the three dots to the right of the message and then click Keep.
Once you've done that, you may get another message from Microsoft Defender SmartScreen as shown below. Click the Keep Anyway

Now you can go to your Downloads folder and run the installer.

Below you will find a brief video showing an installation on Windows;

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