Uploading Jobs

Uploading Jobs

Uploading Jobs

1. From the Job Lister page or the Navigation bar, click the UPLOAD JOBS button

2. Once you click the Upload Jobs button it will bring you to the job upload page

3. Drag and drop the files you want to upload to the drop zone.  You can also click the Choose a file link to open the file dialog box. You can upload up to 10 files at a time. 

If you are using vScription for transcription services, you will NOT see the Speech To Text Balance label.
Click Next to go to the next step.

4. Fill out the demographics and click the Upload File(s) button to complete the upload. You can use the drop-downs to make it easier to complete. You can also click the calendar button to pick a date. 

  1. Author Name: This defaults to the uploader name but you can change this if needed
  2. Job Type: This allows you to specify the job type. The values here can be customized for your organization
  3. File Date: This is the date the audio file was created or the meeting date
  4. User Fields: You can use these to enter any other data needed such as attendees, meeting location etc...
  5. Comments: You can use this field to add comments for reference such as "Send a copy to x", "Print 3 copies" etc...
When you are done click Next to go to the final step. You can click Back if you need to add files.

5. Review and upload the files

The total upload mins tells you to total estimated length of the files you are going to upload and the SR minutes remaining shows you how many pre-purchased or trial minutes you have in your organization. If you need to add more, you can go back to the first screen and add minutes there.
You can choose to skip sending the files for SR if the audio is poor quality or for any other reason. If you choose that, you will be deducted a flat 5 minutes from your account for each file. 

NOTE: When uploading multiple files the demographics information will be the same for all files. 

5. When the files are uploaded, you will get a confirmation screen as shown below.  At this point, any typist assigned to your account will get an email telling them a new job is available for them to transcribe.

6. Click OK to return to the Job Lister screen. You will see all jobs that you uploaded. If you are a transcription services client, it will show Awaiting Transcription, otherwise it will show a recognition status.

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