Job Lister

Job Lister

Job Lister - Quick Start Guide

As a Client Administrator user, you have the ability to manage all jobs for your account. The job lister will allow you to view the status, create new jobs, and download/view completed transcribed documents. 

vScription Transcribe Pro has been designed to be easy to use. Below you will see a screenshot of the vScription Transcribe along with a brief description of the included features.

Sorting the Table:
By clicking any of the table headers you can sort by column or else it will be sorted by Job # automatically

Ready to upload jobs?  See Job Upload Quick Start Guide

Downloading or Viewing Transcribed Documents
If a completed job has a document associated with it  (whether it was created with speech recognition or transcribe manually), you will see a blue cloud icon and a blue eye icon at the end of the row as shownBy clicking the blue cloud you will be able to download the transcribed files for jobs that have a text. If you click on the eye icon, a popup window will appear with the text in there. This is handy if you only need to copy and paste the text. The number will indicate the number of times the file was downloaded. Once downloaded the initial download date section will populate. 

By hovering your mouse over the blue text bubble beside the job number, you can see the comment section 

Once a completed document is downloaded for the first time. The document retention period timer begins. The retention time was configured when your account was setup. If you had requested that your completed documents are purged after 30 days, this 30 day period begins at this time.

It downloads as an RTF file that can be opened in Microsoft Word, Wordpad, Text Edit, or any other Rich Text Editor.  As you can see below the demographic data is indicated as well as the transcribed content. 

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