How to Retrieve Dragon Commands From a Corrupt User Profile

How to Retrieve Dragon Commands From a Corrupt User Profile

Save My Dragon Commands

Sometimes, when using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 or Dragon Naturally Speaking 13, your voice profile can get corrupted. The most common causes of this include improper microphone use and unexpected computer failures.

Whatever the case, when this happens, you may need to create a new profile. Fortunately, Dragon Medical and Dragon Naturally Speaking both allow users to do this without much fuss.

But, there’s a small catch. Many users also have custom commands they need to access—stored within the corrupt profile, no less.

Instead of losing your commands and starting over completely, you can recover them from your old profile. Follow the instructions below to locate and import them into your new profile.


STEP 1: Locate Your Dragon Commands

1. Navigate to: C:\\ProgramData\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking13\Users\<username>\Current

2. Find a file named “MyCmds” (extension type “.DAT”). Copy that file to your desktop.

Dragon commands in Windows File Explorer


STEP 2: Import Your Commands Into a New Dragon Profile

1. Once you have created your new profile, click Tools on the DragonBar and select Command Browser.

Accessing the Command Browser from the DragonBar

2. Once the Command Browser opens, look to the left side of the window. Find and expand the Task Pane, and then select Manage.

3. Within the Manage menu, select Import.

Using the import function in the Dragon Command Browser

4. A new File Explorer window will appear. Navigate to the “MyCmds” file on your desktop and select Open.

5. You will then be presented with an Import Commands window. Select the commands you want and click Import.

6. You should receive a confirmation dialog box, indicating that your commands have been successfully imported.

Successful Dragon command import window

That’s all there is to it.