Getting Started with vScription Mobile

Getting Started with vScription Mobile

To Login

To login, launch the app and enter you vScription Transcribe credentials. Note: Currently you must have a role of Organization Administrator or Author to be able to use vScription Mobile

The screenshots shown here are with an iPhone in Dark Mode, If you are not in dark mode, the colors will be different but the functionality will be the same

To Start A Dictation

Once you are logged in, you can choose a worktype if needed and you can also enter any data needed in the User Field 1 (example, case id, patient identifier etc...). You can also add any notes. (Example: Send a copy to Jeremy Smith at corporate please)

Tap the Record button to start dictating. Tap again to stop recording

To Finish and Upload Your Dictation

Click the Upload button. You will get a confirmation when it has been sent successfully and if there is an error sending, you will also get a confirmation.

To Cancel a Dictation

Click the red X located above the Record Button: You will get a confirmation prior to cancelling. Note: If you cancel, this can't be recovered

To Playback Your Dictation

Click the Play icon.

To Logout Of The App

Click the Settings Icon and then click Logout

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    • vScription Mobile Requirements

      iPhone X or greater with iOS 13 or newer